Attack on Titan: What Could’ve Been

An Exclusive Night Club


Basement night clubs are so hip and happening, we’re sure Grisha, being the hip and happening dude he was, would’ve been super keen on the idea of owning a thumping night club. The coolest artists around would be playing there, and it wouldn’t be rare to spot a celebrity or two. Not only would it be the hippest joint around, but only Very Important People would be able to get in. Your name isn’t on the list? Too bad, loser!

A Maid Cafe

In an alternate universe, this is canon.

Descend down the stairs and… Welcome, Master! What’s more calming in these trying times than having a cute maid serve you delicious food and drinks? We can see the Scouts coming here to unwind after a hard day, excited to receive their daily dose of Moe Moe Kyu~n. And because AOT is set in a Germanesque world, maybe they’d have special Oktoberfest celebrations too. Prost!

Grisha’s Collection of Anime Merch

“Son, some things are just better left unknown.”

This is where Grisha stored his extensive collection of anime figurines, after Carla complained about every nook and cranny of the house being filled with a different toy of a sexy girl. It had reached the point where you could hardly walk across the floor, in case you accidentally stepped on one of Grisha’s waifus, and the house was covered in so many posters that Carla had forgotten what colour the walls actually were.


This is what happens when IKEA has a sale on.

Everyone needs furniture, and where else to get them than IKEA? From beds to bookshelves, plants to pillows, IKEA has everything. The military probably kitted out all their buildings with IKEA goods, for that refined yet impersonal look, the matching furniture reminding you that you are the same as everyone else.

A Titan Cafe

Hange, obviously, is a regular.

Like a dog cafe or a cat cafe, this is a cafe where people can come and pat and feed cute little titans. The titans look so adorable while eating! Just don’t let them eat you!

What do you think could’ve – or SHOULD’VE – been in the basement? Let us know your thoughts!


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