How to Cook the Monster Cells from One Punch Man

This YouTuber by the name of RICO has taken it upon himself to create the monstrous food using what we can only guess is a heart and animal tounges… We warn you though, its not for the faint of heart.

Since we neither understand the language or know how to cook, we are going to try to guess the process.

Step 1)
Get your animal heart and stab a small hole in it.

Step 2)
Using scissors that aren’t your cosplay friends fabric scissors, snip the white chunks off the tongue bits and into 1cm wide triangle bits.

Step 3)
Stuff the meaty strips into the heart holes to create the shape seen in One Punch Man.

Step 4)
What could either be a whole lot of chewed up gum, but is more likely to be caul fat, is then wrapped around the heart.

Step 5)
Cut holes in the lining to allow the tongue bits to poke through.

Step 6)
Season it to hell and back.

Step 7)
It’s time to bake it, baby!

Step 8)
While it’s roasting, take a big ol stick of butter and melt it in a shallow pan, once its all melted add some flour. Make sure you keep mixing it, so it doesn’t burn.

Step 9)
Take some beetroot powder and add it in for colour. While mixing, also add some milk.

Step 10)
Cheese. Lot’s of shredded cheese. Cheese fixes everything.

Step 11)
Once it’s nice and thick, pour it over that meaty bad boy and let it set.

Step 12)

We have to say, it’s a pretty impressive recreation. And while we aren’t in a rush to eat it and become a monster – RICO has definitely done a great job. Be sure to check out his channel for more anime inspired cooking.


You can watch the full clip here:




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