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  • Jrotc193

    Oden said in a flashback that Yasie would become the Shogun
    after Shujiyaki. How would it played out if that did happen? Toki
    would still send her son and some of the retainers in…

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  • Casteless Dwarf

    Assuming this Kaido/Big Mom alliance will last, who is strong
    enough to actually be a threat to them? Luffy is supposed to be the
    strongest one in his alliance and he got KO’d in …

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  • Kunoichi101

    We got ourselves a flashback of the Roger Pirates including
    Roger, Shanks, Rayleigh, and Buggy. But despite that, bad news for
    Act 3 on the very start is what happened to the Stra…

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  • LilLizRdPen

    I really want to know

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  • JD du Toit

    So this is going to be a little vent,
    but what the actual f… did I just watch on the latest episode of
    the Anime? 

    After speeding through the recap from
    last week, where Luffy gi…

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  • CoreyJ95

    One Piece family, I have a question about the manga vs. anime.
    I’ve been watching one piece for years now and have been kinda
    bored with how fast everything is being released. I…

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