Some Quick First Impressions: Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy, Mairimashita! Iruma-kun and Val x Love

Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy

Short Synopsis: A seemingly ordinary transfer student is dogged by three classmates who insist she has supernatural abilities.

Wooper’s review:
If you’re going to appreciate this show, you have to embrace its central gimmick: that its delusional heroes, despite their ridiculous personalities, are to be taken somewhat seriously. Transfer student Mizuki does seem to possess limited precognitive skills, as in the matching scenes where she senses the presence of an enemy. Her bothersome classmates are able to stop the projectiles meant to cause her harm, and one of them is able to jump from a second story window and land without issue. So while she spends most of her time trying to escape conversations with these weirdos, they’re onto something when they claim that she has special powers. The show supports both the comedic and the slightly more dramatic parts of this premise by stretching its limited animation as far as it can go, with exaggerated expressions and heavy emphasis on posing. It doesn’t look great, but it’s far from the worst effort I’ve seen this year. Based on the misdirection in this premiere, Chuubyou may have something clever up its sleeve for the future. I doubt that cleverness will be worth 10 more episodes of mixed humor and ear-splitting voicework, however.
Potential: 20%

Mario’s review:
This show relies on one main gimmick in which I’m not too fond of: chuunibyou. While it’s amusing to see how the character with 7th grader syndrome acts all self-serious and delusional, the jokes often wear thin quickly. This time we not only have one, but five (four so far) hypers who act like humanity is on the verge of extinction. Most of the gags in this episode comes from the way it contrasts those guys’ antics with a transfer student who just wants to go through her school life unnoticed, yet she runs into them all the time. This show reminds me a bit of the first episode of SKET Dance, to a much lesser effect and production values. In a season where comedy shows have been performing decently so far, Chuubyou unfortunately doesn’t promise much.
Potential: 0%


Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Short Synopsis: A neglected teenager is sold to the Demon King to serve as his grandson and rule an underworld academy.

Amun’s review:
Any anime can be gory, serious, or even funny.  To me, however, there will always be a place for shows that are just plain fun. Marimashita!  Iruma-kun’s first episode, at least, is that – good fun. I think the Japanese rendition of anime demons tends to be humorous and playful (even considering shows like Death Note), and Marimashita! is no different.  This is the reverse Beelzebub – human in demon land. And, despite being a school setting, I definitely feel the joy in the project – from the background scenes to the voice actors having a great time. I think we’re in for quite an enjoyable ride (despite being yet another isekai school setting).
Potential: 70%

Wooper’s review:
Iruma-kun is the most promising new anime of the season thus far, at least in my view. Though it takes place in hell, it isn’t bogged down by a self-serious story or complicated designs that the artists can’t be bothered to animate. It’s a spry tale of an unfortunate lad who gets whisked off to demon land and finds himself in way over his head, and everything about the show works in favor of that premise. The character designs are colorful and alien, and plenty of love is given to the background players. The humor isn’t particularly inventive, but it’s boisterous and brisk, nicely emphasizing the fish-out-of-water scenario. These are two big positives, but one issue I’m having is the characterization of Iruma himself. A narrator is on hand to inform us about his difficult past and the skills he’s developed as a result, but he’s so busy trying not to die that we don’t learn anything else about him. This issue may be addressed with a couple more episodes, but I doubt we’ll ever get a fulfilling portrait of the guy. As for whether I’ll continue with the series, it’s at least fun enough that I’d consider it. That makes it the better of the two shows this season to feature a German suplex (though I’m sure my co-writer above would disagree!).
Potential: 60%


Val x Love

Short Synopsis: A boy with an evil aura takes care of 9 sisters/maidens in his house. 

Mario’s review:
OMG this one is bad. Let’s just go through the premise. This boy boosts up 9 girls’ (!) (who are sisters (!!)) power by fondling their boobs (!!!). The worst aspect of it is that they don’t even try to make this fanservice pleasurable to watch. The potato-kun has a unique design for a main guy but is ultimately plain and uninteresting. And the amount of fanservice is tired and boring. This might appeal to some since we have 9 girls with different appeals and boob sizes for him to touch every week, but for me I’m pretty much done here.
Potential: 0%

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