The AnimeLab Blood Challange Continues this Bloody Great Friday

The need for blood doesn’t stop, and neither does AnimeLab! This week is National Blood Donor week, a time to celebrate the amazing life saving donors around Australia — all half a million of them.

This Friday 14 June, The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is opening up Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane donor centres for 24 hours for an inaugural donate-a-thon! Join us for live music and delicious snacks prepared especially for donors by some of Australia’s most well-known chefs, such as Frank Camorra, owner of Melbourne’s MoVida.

We are calling Anime fans to come be apart of Bloody Great Friday and help Australians like Jesse, Katiah-Ann and Sonny, who need blood products every three weeks to manage their autoimmune disease.

You can find more information here:

If you can’t make it tomorrow, have no fear! Our Australia wide AnimeLab Blood Challange is still ongoing! AnimeLab is aiming to see who can take out the ultimate title in the biggest challenge since Naruto vs Sasuke. This off-field battle needs you to pick your team and donate blood. Every time you donate your team will score a point. You’ll also save three lives with each blood donation.

The contenders for the title of Life Saving Champions are; Warriors, Titans, Scouts and Ninjas. (You see what we did there  )

Teams will have until November 1st to donate.

Become an everyday hero and contribute to your teams’ victory in three easy steps:
1. Register to self-service.

2. Once registered, choose your team

3. Make an appointment at your local donor centre.

If you want to really help grow your teams tally, consider donating plasma which can be donated more regularly. The winning team will be announced on social media with a special illustration.

It’s time to choose your side and save some lives!

You can keep an eye out on which team is leading with this live tally here:

Look at all those lives saved!

Kydrasaur cosplay is dressed as Red Blood Cell and Frosty cosplay as Macrophage from the comedy anime Cells at Work!

Starting at Madman Anime Festival in Sydney, AnimeLab and Red Cross will travel to various locations throughout the year with the aim of educating potential young donors on the importance of giving blood. Feel free to pop in and say hello!

You can find more information here:


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