The Truth Behind The Titans Revealed

Things really starting to heat up in the latest episodes of Attack on Titan! The remaining scouts have made it to Eren’s fathers basement, and we’re beginning to learn about the world of the Titans before Eren was born!

If you’ve been yearning to find out more about the people behind the various Titans, keep reading, as we’re about to discuss the latest happenings in the anime.

In this week’s episode, ‘That Day’ (Season 3, Episode 20), we’re fed a great deal of new information based on the memories of Eren’s father. We learn about The Restorationists, a secret organization within Marley who are seeking to overthrow the Marleyan regime and restore Eldia as a world power.

Their organisation didn’t last long though, as the beast boy/child of Grisha and Dina Yeager, Zeke Yeager, ratted them out to the Marleyan authorities. Talk about son of the year…

The Restorationists are punished by Marley authorities who force them to become Pure Titans.

The Smiling Titan AKA Dina Yeager. 

The stepmother of Eren Yeager and member of the royal family, Dina, has a pretty rough story. She first appears in the anime as the Titan who kills Eren’s birth mother, Carla and ignites his rage to get revenge on the Titans.

In the recent episodes, it shows that Dina and her husband, Grisha, are core members of the Elida Restorationists. We see her becomes a Titan after their son, Zeke Yeager aka Beast Titan, betrays them to the Marleyan authority.

The Bearded Titan

Introducing the Titan who was closest to regaining his human form after eating Eren. If Eren had actually died inside the Bearded Titans stomach, the older man would have been the new Rogue Titan with the Coordinate power!!

The Jumping Titan

Best known for his big jumps. This is the Titan who catches Thomas Wagner off guard and swallows him whole in Season 1, Episode 5.

The Peering Titan

The Titan with a big ol head – and the one who very satisfyingly ate Sergeant Major Gross – the man (and sadistic monster) who fed Grisha’s little sister to his sons’ dogs and enjoyed watching the Titans eating humans for entertainment. The Peering titan is also responsible for killing Mina Carolina when it bites off her head in Season 1, Episode 5.

The Bigmouth Titan

One of the Titans who struck during the Battle of Trost District – killing Nac Tias and Mylius Zeramuski.

What Happens Next?

Now knowing that these Titans used to be humans seeking equality, it really makes you think back to the first series and feel empathy towards all involved. With so much juicy information being unravelled at the moment, it’s safe to say the next episode will be extremely exciting!

What have you loved most about the recent episodes? Let us know in the comments below.


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